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Conrad 2

Migration from familytree

This is a chart:

Tile {{familytree}} {{chart}}
Template:Chart/startTemplate:ChartTemplate:Chart/end { c
Template:Chart/startTemplate:ChartTemplate:Chart/end } d
Template:Chart/startTemplate:ChartTemplate:Chart/end # t
Template:Chart/startTemplate:ChartTemplate:Chart/end [ e
Template:Chart/startTemplate:ChartTemplate:Chart/end ] f
Template:Chart/startTemplate:ChartTemplate:Chart/end   i
Template:Chart/startTemplate:ChartTemplate:Chart/end   j

Lastly, if any uses of the {{familytree}} template end with | }}, that vertical bar should be removed, leaving the last cell in that row containing either some text or a space.

The familytree.js tool below can be used to convert between syntaxes. Just change the start tag when in edit view, then click "Art → Templates" to toggle back to wikitext view. The other templates will be updated to match.

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