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Chris Anderson
Assistant Professor in UC Berkeley's Department of Bioengineering and instructor of SynBio Bootcamp (aka BioE140L). For more information about my lab, visit our website at
Sbb12 spencer scott.png Hi! I'm spencer, I'm in 140L.
Robert O.JPG Hi. I'm Robert.
Exampl.jpg Hi my name is Hyungjun(John) Kim.

Jonachu.jpg My name is Jonathan "Jon" Kotker, and I am currently a second year PhD student in EECS at Cal. I also did my undergraduate degree at Cal. I am taking this class because it is relevant to my current research interests in computational biology, but it has been a while since I have taken any biology or chemistry lab-based course. There's more about my past history here [1], which is a bio that I wrote when I was a TA for CS10, the CS course at Cal meant for non-CS majors. Oh yeah, I also love to teach.

384387 2861560662494 1364036436 3057176 1004467922 n.jpg Hello, I'm Karen. I'm currently taking BioE 140L.
Jonwright.jpg Hello. My name is Jon(athon) Wright, and I, too, am in BioE 140L.

I pick things up and put them down.
Chao.jpg Hi :). I'm Daniel Chao.

 Sacnas 10.jpg Hi! I am Pam.

My pic.jpgHi, my name is Huiting He (Hailey), BioE140L student!!!
Melissa Milder.jpg

Melissa Milder
BioE 140L Student
Seggman John.jpg

John Seggman
BioE 140L Student