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Beta Helix - Chris had success with the PCR, ran at 45 C for 30 cycles (3/05).
He has subcloned the parts and I should be able to miniprep and sequence on Monday.
HA Tag- Miniprep purifaction of DNA.


Beta Helix - Ran the products (3/02) in an analytical gel and they didn't match the expected length.
It's not clear why the PCR is failing so Chris is going to run the PCR.
HA Tag - Ran the Gateway reaction and transformation by heat shock.


Beta Helix - Reran the products (2/25) in an analytical gel but the PCR products themselves were somehow lost/misplaced.
Repeated the 2 PCR reactions as in 2/25 and at 45 C annealing temperature


Beta Helix - Ran the products in an analytical gel but the gel was poor and all the columns including the ladder had smears.


Beta Helix - Prepared 2 new PCR reactions of my oligos as in 2/18 (1 w/DMSO & 1 w/o) at a 50 C annealing temperature.


Beta Helix - Ran the PCR product (2-18) in an analytical gel but no band appeared so the reaction failed


Beta Helix - Got the oligos for Beta Helix part and ran the reaction:
PCR Ost005F and Ost006R on E. coli avian APEC genomic DNA