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Artwork from official poster as layered animated .gif

The 7th International Meeting on Synthetic Biology (aka, SB7.0) will take place 13-16 June 2017 at the National University of Singapore.

Purpose of this wiki page

We, the meeting organizers, wish to enable the schedule for to be finalized in an open and ethical manner to benefit all people and the planet. Anyone with an internet connection can view this page for free. Anyone with an OpenWetWare account (free) can edit this page. All changes to this page can be viewed via the history tab. Anyone who would like to comment on how the schedule or meeting is developing can make a comment via the talk tab. Anyone who is unfamiliar or unwilling to edit or comment via this wiki can simply send an email to Drew Endy and your input will be warmly welcomed and incorporated as possible. Stated differently, we are counting on you to tell us and everyone what needs to happen at SB7.0. Please see the next section (purpose of SB7.0) and help!

Purpose of SB7.0

The SB#.0 conference is not a normal conference series. Actual meetings happen only if, when, and where they need to happen. Four themes are motivating why SB7.0 is happening in Singapore in June 2017. Specifically:

  • Revolution, 2 -- A second turning of a wheel... The early scientific and technical ideas which helped framed and motivate the field of synthetic biology were argued over and written down ~2002-2005. Many things thought to be impossible have been shown otherwise, significant progress has been made, yet most of the work and progress is still be made true. What are the deep, fundamental, or controversial scientific and technical ideas that we should be wrestling with now so that we can aim for amazing progress over the next decade?
  • Revolution, Too -- Change also... "Hi Mom, we made the living world fully engineerable, but nothing practically changed." The preceding quote doesn't make very much sense. Yet, as synthetic biology has matured it has been organized and adopted in ways that reinforce the status quo. How might (and should) the world change as we make living matter fully engineerable? How can we get better at talking about this? How can we get better at making positive change(s) true?
  • Diversity with Harmony -- There are many factions and interests within and around synthetic biology. Some are well acknowledged, others seem forgotten or excluded. Some are promoting activities and others are opposed. Meanwhile, we (humanity) continue to get better at understanding how natural living systems work. We are also continuing to get better and better at tinkering with biology. How might we all best work together? How do we sustain dialog across a plurality of perspectives?
  • All People & the Planet -- Back of the envelope physical calculations suggest that existing and emerging tools should allow for all of humanity to flourish in partnership with the Earth. I.e., make all the stuff everyone needs

Official Poster, Animation, and Original Teaser

Official SB7.0 poster c/o Jennifer Cook Chrysos,
Original and totally unauthorized teaser poster