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&bull; [[User:UserName|Omar Maniya]]<BR>
&bull; [[User:UserName|Omar Maniya]]<BR>
&bull; [[User:UserName|Loubna Elhelu]]<BR>
&bull; [[User:UserName|Loubna Elhelu]]<BR>
&bull; [[User:UserName|Cara Schafer]]<BR>

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Riggins Lab



Contact Us

Georgetown University Medical Center
Department of Oncology

Office: W405B NRB
Lab: E407 NRB
Phone: 202.687.7451
Email us

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Our research is primarily focused on studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of hormone independence and therapeutic resistance in breast cancer; we are particularly interested in the pathogenesis of invasive lobular breast carcinoma. A new research direction for our group is the study of the interaction(s) between exposure to the endocrine disruptor Bisphenol A (BPA) and obesity in affecting the risk of developing insulin resistance and breast cancer in animal models.