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Lab Meetings

Summer 2007 Lab meetings Tuesdays 9:30 am Bindley 1st floor Conference Room

May 22 - John's NO material paper peer review (Sue lead reviewer)

May 29 - Sue's liposome sensor math model paper peer review (Catherine is lead reviewer)

June 19 - Carmens presentation of Data figures for papers

June 26 - No Lab Meeting

July 3 - No Lab Meeting

July 10 - Craig present data (surf practice)

July 17 - Aaron present data (surf practice)

July 24 - Subhashree - present glutamate biosensor tutorial / data to date / present planned experiments

July 31 - Carmen - present data and plans for vapor deposition on neurons

August 7th - Alex -1) background on dna fingerprinting cell lines, 2) project plans - engineered GABAergic cells for living electrodes

Important Dates

July 2nd Catherine's defense. 10:30 am in ABE