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To Richard Lab

Lab Members in Action

8 28 07 Pictures 039.jpg Pennsylvania switchgrass

8 28 07 Pictures 041.jpg Megan Comforting the Odd-Bale-Out, "It's okay!"

8 28 07 Pictures 052.jpg Scott being a little too Enthusiastic about compost

Qin and Megan.jpg Qin and Megan being good examples

Gustavoworking.JPG Gustavo bringing in the $$$

8 28 07 Pictures 072.jpg The Machine that clogs every year

8 28 07 Pictures 056.jpg A Stylish crew celebrating the stover harvest

8 28 07 Pictures 059.jpg Irene being jealous of the corn

Megan and Rosa.jpg Rosa and Megan probing a helpless windrow

Mike Speer.JPG Mike loving his job.

Deepti and Jess.jpg Deepti and Jess being way too happy

Deepti Pic.jpg Deepti wearing that shirt way too often

Marlyse-lab1.jpg "Just because you smell like poop, doesn't mean you can't look good."

RichardLabGroup.JPG The group circa 2006

Richardlab2.jpg The group circa 2008

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