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(Graduate Students)
(Undergraduate Students)
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*[[user:SAS|<font color="#12Oaaa">Scott Shore</font>]]
*[[user:SAS|<font color="#12Oaaa">Scott Shore</font>]]
===Undergraduate Students===
*[[user:asrebro|<font color="#120aaa">Allie Srebro</font>]]
*[[user:edw128|<font color="#120aaa">Eric White</font>]]
*Kathryn LaVan

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Principal Investigator

Post Docs

Projects: Design and conduct experiments to 1) evaluate the effect of biofilters on ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from animal waste storage (ongoing), 2) test models for predicting mass transfer of ammonia from animal waste (write up in progress) and 3) evaluate the effect of biodigester mixing frequency on biogas production (completed).

Lignicellulosic hydrolysis/biofuels/microbial fuel cells

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Jessica
  • Natalie Shewski

Greenhouse gas emissions/biogas/compost

Graduate Students