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OpenWetWare:Reviews is an experiment in providing always up-to-date scientific reviews. When a new publication comes out it can be easily incorporated into the review by OWW editors. This should be a win-win for both the review-writer (less work) and the readers (who get a more up-to-date resource). We'll be trying reviews with a 'curator' (as discussed for consensus protocols) as well as ones without. Join the mailing list to discuss OWW:Reviews

Next steps

  1. Wikify some existing OA reviews
  2. Try and get the original author (or someone expert in the topic area) to be the curator for a few of the articles.
  3. Leave some of the articles curator-free as a trial, still not clear if you want/need a curator.

Wikify existing Reviews

  • At the moment it looks like we should find good reviews in PLoS and BMC, as they are the only journals that allow derivative works. If there is a review in a journal where the author retains copyright, then we can ask the author to release a pre-print version under a CC license and that should work too. (see the talk page)

Curators wanted

  • Jasonk 11:37, 6 March 2007 (EST): Anyone interested in being a curator for a review in their field of expertise? I can't promise you scientific rewards yet, but I suspect this will become an accepted form of merit down the line ;)


  • Is there an easy way to search only OA journals?
    • Looks like best bet would be to search known OA journals such as BMC or PLoS.
    • not sure if this is just OA, but just for UK I think: --Johncumbers 19:46, 6 March 2007 (EST)
      • Yeah, I don't think PMC is OA, rather it is mainly "free", which is worse -- "All the articles in PMC are free (sometimes on a delayed basis). Some journals go beyond free, to Open Access." (from the PMC homepage).

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