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(Group photos)
(Group photos)
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===BBQ, 2013===
===BBQ, 2013===
Good luck at Vanderbilt, Alex!
Good luck at Vanderbilt, Alex!

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Research Images

LiLab 030JTH cover.jpg

Xi's paper on the interaction between GPV and GPIb-IX made the cover of the September, 2012 issue of Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

LiLab 029web cover.jpg

Rong's paper showing the reconstitution of GPIb-IX complex into nanodiscs was featured on the Biochemistry journal web site.

RenhaoLiLab 028commentary pic.jpg

Wenjun's paper on the organization of GPIb-IX complex was highlighted by a commentary in Blood entitled "Structural mix-n-match reveals molecular secrets of platelets". The above image was in the commentary.

Group photos

BBQ, 2013

RenhaoLiLab BBQ2013 1.jpg

Good luck at Vanderbilt, Alex!

Bowling, 2012

RenhaoLiLab BowlingScores.jpg

You know we could've photoshopped it.

RenhaoLiLab Bowling2.jpg

Going at it

RenhaoLiLab Bowling1.jpg

Oops ... too close

The Move, 2011

RenhaoLiLab Boxes arrived.JPG

Boxes Arrived

RenhaoLiLab Boxes hallway.JPG

Boxes in the hallway

RenhaoLiLab Lab packed1.JPG RenhaoLiLab Lab packed2.JPG

Lab into boxes

RenhaoLiLab Office packed.JPG

Office into boxes

RenhaoLiLab Freezers truck.JPG

Freezers loaded into the truck

RenhaoLiLab Lab emptied1.JPG RenhaoLiLab Lab emptied2.JPG

Lab boxes loaded into the truck

RenhaoLiLab Office emptied.JPG

Office boxes loaded into the truck

RenhaoLiLab Hallway empty.JPG

Going, going, gone!