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*Purified digests (NotI, E/X, S/X)
*Purified digests (NotI, E/X, S/X)
*Re-sealed and transformed.
*Re-sealed and transformed.
*To do: start choosing some RBSs to test
*Will test B0030, B0031, B0032, B0034

Latest revision as of 12:49, 1 August 2007


  • Started digest of promoters (E/S).
  • Started another culture
  • To do: ligate R0040 into the digests from the PCR and transform.


  • Purified digests (NotI, E/X, S/X)
  • Re-sealed and transformed.
  • Will test B0030, B0031, B0032, B0034


  • Running gel of BioBrick PCR.
  • (ladder, I2055-EX, I2055-SX)
  • Both look right size.
  • Restriction digests: E/X, S/X, and NotI.


  • Re-did scarring PCR of F2620.