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(seminars - department of molecular signal processing)
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! May 17
! May 17
|  ||Carolin Delker (lia)||
|  ||Carolin Delker (lia)|| [http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v43/n5/full/ng.807.html The Arabidopsis lyrata genome sequence and the basis of rapid genome size change]

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seminars - department of molecular signal processing

weekly research discussion: thursdays 9:00 a.m. (phytotechnikum)
journal club: tuesdays, 12:15 p.m. (phytotechnikum)

if you are unable to present at your assigned date, find somebody to switch and let me (marcel) know!

datum research discussion journal club paper

April 21 Katharina Bürstenbinder
April 26 group internal JCs
April 28 Theresa Toev
May 3 Nina Dombrowski (mq)
May 5 Anja Raschke
May 10 group internal JCs
Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran
Auxin triggers a genetic switch (nature cell biology 2011)
May 12 jens müller
May 17 Carolin Delker (lia) The Arabidopsis lyrata genome sequence and the basis of rapid genome size change
May 19 Jana Müglitz
May 24 group internal JCs
Nadine Schumann
May 26 Carolin Delker
May 31 Antje Hellmuth (cw)
June 2 public holiday
June 5 group internal JCs
Jana Müglitz
June 9 Nadine Schumann
June 14 Theresa Toev (dg)
June 16 Jakub Kopycki
June 21 group internal JCs
Nina Dombrowski
June 23 Selma Gago Zachert
June 28 Jakub Kopycki
June 30 Silke Richter
July 5 group internal JCs
July 7 Nina Dombrowski
July 12 Jörg Ziegler
July 14 Antje Hellmuth
July 19 group internal JCs
July 21 Sebastian Becker + Philipp Janitza
July 26 Jens Müller
July 28 Katharina Bürstenbinder
August 2 group internal JCs
August 4 Theresa Toev
August 9 Nadine Schumann
August 11 Anja Raschke
August 16 group internal JCs
August 18 Kristian Ullrich
August 23 Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran
August 25 Kalidoss Ramamoorthy
August 30 group internal JCs
September 1 Jörg Ziegler
September 6 Anja Raschke
September 8 Elisabeth Wieduwild + Janine Teller
September 13 group internal JCs
September 15 Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran