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lab members june 2010 - up: jana gentkow, antje hellmuth , anja raschke, kathrin denk; down: carolin delker, nadine schumann, kristian ullrich, marcel quint; missing: jana müglitz, nina dombrowski

marcel quint (group leader) - mquint(at)ipb-halle(dot)de

carolin delker (postdoc) - cdelker(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
isolation and characterization of tir1-1 suppressors + natural variation of transcriptome changes in response to auxin

anja raschke (phd student) - araschke(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
natural variation of auxin response

nadine schumann (phd student) - nschuman(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
functional and phylogenetic characterization of f-box kelch proteins

jana gentkow (phd student) - jgentkow(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
comparative genetics of auxin response in arabidopsis and related brassicaceae

kristian ullrich (phd student) - kullrich(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
quantitative and molecular population genetic dissection of phytohormone responses

Jana Müglitz (phd student)
recognition of nuclear targeted bacterial effector proteins in a. thaliana

kathrin denk (research technician) - kdenk(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
temperature signaling in a. thaliana

steffi mull (research technician)
temperature signaling in a. thaliana

philipp janitza (b.sc. student)

sebastian becker (b.sc. student)

nina dombrowski (diploma student)

beate schulz (wissenschaftliche hilfskraft)

former lab members

antje hellmuth (diplom) - phd student at the IPB (calderon lab)

stefan ettingshausen (diplom)

anja serve (diplom) - phd student (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Chair of Bioprocess Engineering)

valeska hauptmann (diplom) - phd student (IPK Gatersleben, AG Conrad)

elke hillert (research technician)