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june 2008 - standing: elke hillert, nadine schumann, marcel quint, carolin delker; sitting: valeska hauptmann, kathrin denk, anja serve, anja raschke, bianca busch

marcel quint (group leader)

carolin delker (postdoc) - cdelker(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
since marcel is seen only occasionally sneaking in and out of the lab there are rumors (some people say) that carolin is the real pi.

anja raschke (phd student) - araschke(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
she must be a loner. why else would she stay in the lab late at night when everybody else is home? ;o)

nadine schumann (phd student) - nschuman(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
f-boxing day for day in the lab ... i wonder if she also hits the bag at home.

valeska hauptmann (diplom/msc student) - vhauptma(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
anja serve (diplom/msc student) - aserve(at)ipb-halle(dot)de

kathrin denk (research technician) - kdenk(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
kathrin never forgets to clock out before lunch ... almost never ...

elke hillert (research technician) - ehillert(at)ipb-halle(dot)de

bianca busch (undergraduate research assistant)