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(former lab members - current position)
(former lab members - current position)
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==former lab members - current position==
==former lab members - current position==
'''nina dombrowski''' (diplom) - phd student at the Max-Planck-Institute of Plant Breeding Research ([http://www.mpipz.mpg.de/13279/schulze-lefert schulze-lefert lab])
'''nina dombrowski''' (diplom) - phd student at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research ([http://www.mpipz.mpg.de/13279/schulze-lefert schulze-lefert lab])
'''steffi mull''' (research technician)
'''steffi mull''' (research technician)

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lab members june 2010 - up: jana gentkow, antje hellmuth , anja raschke, kathrin denk; down: carolin delker, nadine schumann, kristian ullrich, marcel quint; missing: jana müglitz, nina dombrowski

marcel quint (group leader) - mquint(at)ipb-halle(dot)de

carolin delker (postdoc) - cdelker(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
isolation and characterization of tir1-1 suppressors + natural variation of transcriptome changes in response to auxin

anja raschke (phd student) - araschke(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
natural variation of auxin response

nadine schumann (phd student) - nschuman(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
functional and phylogenetic characterization of f-box kelch proteins

jana gentkow (phd student) - jgentkow(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
comparative genetics of auxin response in arabidopsis and related brassicaceae

kristian ullrich (phd student) - kullrich(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
quantitative and molecular population genetic dissection of phytohormone responses

kathrin denk (research technician) - kdenk(at)ipb-halle(dot)de
temperature signaling in a. thaliana

philipp janitza (m.sc. student)

former lab members - current position

nina dombrowski (diplom) - phd student at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (schulze-lefert lab)

steffi mull (research technician)

antje hellmuth (diplom) - phd student at the IPB (calderon lab)

stefan ettingshausen (diplom)

anja serve (diplom) - phd student (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Chair of Bioprocess Engineering)

valeska hauptmann (diplom) - phd student (IPK Gatersleben, AG Conrad)

elke hillert (research technician)