Quantitative Biology of the Living Cell

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Prof Jenna Rickus

BMED 2029 rickus@purdue.edu

Course Description

Assignments and Class Schedule

August 28th

  1. Create an account on Openwetware
  2. Read the wiki help on openwetware
  3. Create your own wiki page that links to this course page. Name your page "Biol295F_LASTNAME"
  4. Download and Install Systems Biology Workbench and Cell Designer
  5. Start reading NIH Stem Cell Basics


  1. NIH Stem Cell Basics
  2. U.S. Policy on Use of Stem Cells. NIH link

Useful Links

Help Editing Wiki's

Wikipedia's Tutorial on Editing Wiki's

Web of Science- for literature review

PubMed - for literature review

Entrez - quick keyword based search across literature, protein, gene, etc databases simultaneously

ExPASy Protein Database

link to Genbank - "GenBank® is the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences"


Class Discussion Board

post any comments, questions etc. here

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