Quantitative Biology of the Living Cell

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Prof Jenna Rickus

BMED 2029 rickus@purdue.edu

Course Description


August 28th

  1. Create an account on Openwetware
  2. Create your own wiki page that links to this course page. Name your page "Biol295F_LASTNAME"
  3. Download and Install Systems Biology Workbench and Cell Designer


  1. U.S. Policy on Use of Stem Cells. NIH link

Useful Links

Web of Science- for literature review

PubMed - for literature review

Entrez - quick keyword based search across literature, protein, gene, etc databases simultaneously

ExPASy Protein Database

link to Genbank - "GenBank® is the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences"


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Class Discussion Board

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