Pulse-chase protein production

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I don't know what this heading is supposed to mean. Labeling? Production?

When hearing this title, the first thing that would come to my mind is to use a synthetic gene regulatory network, perhaps a puslation or oscillator device, to control expression of a heterologous protein. Maybe such a system can be developed to help overcome inclusion body formation; a system which checks the level of chaperons before producing more recombinant protein. Thats my wild guess of what Pulse-chase could mean -Devin


I am fairly certain that pulse-chase protein production refers to experiments known as pulse-labeling. This is when you subject your organism to an environmental stimulus (hot, cold, IPTG, etc.), you wait some amount of time, then introduce a radio-labeled amino acid (typically methionine). So the pulse is the stimulus and the chase is the label such as hot methionine. - Lon