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There's been some rolling discussion of how research publishing should work (i.e., might be improved), especially as it relates to Synthetic Biology.

I'd like to propose a BYO working lunch on Thursday October 6 from noon to 1:30p to discuss current thoughts.
If this date/time don't work, please suggest another date time (before October 10).

Possible Dates:

This needs to be coordinated with journal club.

  • October 3rd (Mon) from noon to 1:30pm
  1. Jason Kelly
  2. Barry Canton
  3. Reshma Shetty
  4. Samantha Sutton
  5. Caitlin
  • October 4th (Tues) from noon to 1:30pm
  1. Jason Kelly
  2. Barry Canton
  3. Reshma Shetty
  4. Austin Che
  5. Samantha Sutton but would prefer Monday instead.
  6. Caitlin
  • October 5th (Weds) from 1-2:30pm?
(Ty's BATS talk 12-1)
  1. Jason Kelly
  2. Barry Canton
  3. Reshma Shetty
  4. Austin Che
  5. Caitlin
  • October 6th (Thurs) from noon to 1:30pm
  1. Reshma Shetty
  2. Austin Che
  3. Drew (previously confirmed for Oct 6)
  4. Natalie (previously confirmed for Oct 6)
  5. Pam Silver (previously confirmed for Oct 6)
  6. Samantha (previously confirmed for Oct 6)
  7. Caitlin (previously confirmed for Oct 6)

  • (October 7th (Fri) is theory lunch Drew emailed about @ Harvard @ noon, in case people were planning on going to that.)

Please add your name to the list if you will attend.
Please add your ideas/questions below that you would like to discuss.


  1. Drew
  2. BC - can't make it before 1pm
  3. Reshma
  4. Natalie
  5. Austin Che
  6. Jason - can't make it until >2:30.
  7. Pam Silver
  8. Samantha
  9. Caitlin

Things to discuss:

  1. Do we need a Synthetic Biology specific journal?
  2. Does the peer review process, as practiced work?
  3. Is peer review needed for engineering research articles?
  4. What features would we like for our papers? Reader comments? Reader Wiki?
  5. How should the structure of a paper be changed to reflect things like, well, the Internets?
  6. What existing journals are the most appropriate/receptive venues for publication of SB work?
  7. How is publishing on SB topics different from any other field?
  8. What are the other (if any) alternate publishing models already out there?
  9. Non-synthetic biology improvement:Author IDs or URIs or something. Noticed this while trying to set up myNCBI searches for people with more common names, what a pain. I'm changing my name to xyuitk.
  10. Can we ensure that publishing and access to publications is equally open to all institutions regardless of rank?
  11. <your question/idea>

Relevant material: