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There is a current opportunity in [[Synthetic Biology]] to re-evalute issues relating to scientific publishing.  We are discussing possible improvements/alternatives that we would like to see, and how possibly to go about implementing them.  
It was decided at the retreat to set up a new publishing group (John, Julius, Drew and Jason) to look into a new mechanism for publishing pages on OWW.
'''Please add your ideas/questions below that you would like to discuss.'''
*'''8.7.06: '''Please see [[OpenWetWare:Information management/a model for novel publishing | recent discussion and ideas since retreat]]
*'''8.7.06: '''Please see [[OpenWetWare:publishing group/Reddit idea| details on the reddit idea]]
*'''10.20.07: ''' [http://materialtransfer.org Materialtransfer.org] launched as a user generated information repository for finding, sharing, and reviewing scientific materials.  Self-archive feature allows you to inform the community about your work/materials without losing your rights to publish in journals like Science and JACS.
==Past Meetings==
==Past Meetings==
[[Publishing Group/Meeting 10-4-05|10/4/05]]
*[[Publishing Group/Meeting 10-4-05|10/4/05]] <br>
*[[Publishing Group/Meeting 10-6-05|10/6/05]]<br>
[[Publishing Group/Meeting 10-6-05|10/6/05]]
*[[Publishing Group/old discussion items and comments]]
==Things to discuss==
#Do we need a Synthetic Biology specific journal?
#Does the peer review process, as practiced work?
#Is peer review needed for engineering research articles?
#What features would we like for our papers?  Reader comments?  Reader Wiki?
#How should the structure of a paper be changed to reflect things like, well, the Internets?
#What existing journals are the most appropriate/receptive venues for publication of SB work?
#How is publishing on SB topics different from any other field?
#What are the other (if any) alternate publishing models already out there?
#Non-synthetic biology improvement:Author IDs or URIs or something. Noticed this while trying to set up myNCBI searches for people with more common names, what a pain.  I'm changing my name to xyuitk.
#Can we ensure that publishing and access to publications is equally open to all institutions regardless of rank?
#<your question/idea>
==Relevant material==
*Hal Abelson and John Wilbanks gave interesting talks on [http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/270/ Open Networks and Open Society: The Relationship between Freedom, Law, and Technology].
*An [http://www.oecd.org OECD] report on scientific publishing was published a couple of weeks ago and seems especially relevent. Here are links to the [http://www.oecd.org/document/55/0,2340,en_2649_34487_35397879_1_1_1_1,00.htm press release] and [http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/42/12/35393145.pdf report]
Perhaps we should begin gathering thoughts on a secondary page that synthesizes our discussions into a logical format.  Perhaps the beginning of that is [[Publishing Group/Thoughts|here]]. -[[User:Skosuri|Sri Kosuri]] 15:22, 6 Oct 2005 (EDT)
[http://papers.nber.org/papers/W13272 Is peer review in decline?] (study of submissions to economics journals)

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It was decided at the retreat to set up a new publishing group (John, Julius, Drew and Jason) to look into a new mechanism for publishing pages on OWW.


Past Meetings


Is peer review in decline? (study of submissions to economics journals)