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It would be great to have an overview of publication fees and processing time (average editors response time, peer review,..). Please add to the list.

Articles on the topic

  • 2stars.png "PNAS Introduces Open Access Publishing Option" 2004! David Goodman, LIU [1]

"The average current cost of producing articles roughly seems to be $1500-$4000 for nonprofit publishers and $3000-$8000 for commercial (based on their own estimates in the UK hearings--I am deliberately using very wide ranges to accomodate all opinions)."

  • 1star.png "Who Pays for Open Access?" PLoS Biology, 2004 [2]

"$1,700 in page charges that the average PNAS author already pays"

"In the EMBO Journal, for example, authors are allowed six pages of text free, but are then charged $200 per page beyond that. A review of recent issues shows that almost all authors exceed six pages, voluntarily paying on average over $800 to publish their articles."

Publication fees by journals

Please add alphabetically to the table. Publication costs are in US dollars. Please give a source link.

NAR charges $1900 per article for non-members

Scientific journal publication fees in US dollars
Journal Fee USD Comment Source
BMC Biology (BioMed Central) 1775 open access [3]
BMC Medicine (BioMed Central) 1775 open access [4]
Genome Biology (BioMed Central) 2065 open access [5]
NAR Nucleic Acid Research 2670 open access, non-members [6]
PLoS Biology 2850 open access [7]
PLoS Computational Biology 2220 open access [8]
PLoS Genetics 2220 open access [9]
PLoS Medicine 2850 open access [10]
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2200 open access [11]
PLoS ONE 1300 open access [12]
PLoS Pathogens 2850 open access [13]