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Creating a New Protocol

  1. In the search box on the lefthand side navigation bar, type Protocol name. If it is a protocol specific to your lab, type LabName:Protocol name (be sure and replace LabName with your PI's last name like Knight or Smolke
  2. You should see a page come up with a message saying "There is no page titled "Protocol name". You can create this page." If you don't see this message then that means a page with that name already exists. You'll need to choose a different protocol name. File:SearchforProtocol.tiff
  3. Click on the create this page link.
  4. View and copy the source from the protocols template into your new page and begin editing. Make sure you are not editing this page.
  5. Check your work by clicking the button.
  6. Save the changes by clicking SavePageButton.jpg ... and you're off.