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A step by step guide to the experimental procedure.
A step by step guide to the experimental procedure.
Protocol for passing cells on fibronectin-coated dishes.
1. Prepare fibronectin-coated dishes.
Put 150ul fibronectin solution (20-40 ug/ml in water) at the center of glass-bottom dish, then overnight in CO2 incubator or 2 hours without cover in hood at RT.
2. Detach cells (HeLa, MEF) with 4 mM EDTA(in PBS)  in CO2 incubator for 15 min, then slightly blow down the cells from the bottom of culture dish. The other steps are similar as normal pass.
3. Usually before imaging, incubate cells on fibronectin-coated dishes in CO2 incubator for 1-6 h.
==Critical steps==
==Critical steps==

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