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from Science Magazine

  • Mammoth Study Finds New Genes for Mental Retardation

Scan of X chromosome may aid prenatal screening 20 Apr

  • The Mother of All Pileups

Crash of giant gas clouds suggests dark matter's hand 17 Apr

  • Did Humans Learn From Hobbits?

A new study raises the possibility that modern humans copied the toolmaking methods of a smaller-brained hominid 17 Apr

  • How Early Was Oxygen's Rise?

New lab experiments challenge ideas about when oxygen arrived in Earth's atmosphere 16 Apr

  • Ancient Ecosystem Discovered Beneath Antarctic Glacier

Buried lake hints at how organisms can survive extreme environments 16 Apr

  • Red Leaves Say, "Bug Off!"

Study supports idea that autumn colors deter insect pests 15 Apr

  • KISSing Galactic Cousins Break the Mold

Survey detects large galaxies that may be too young to have grown so big 14 Apr

  • Fortified Wine Goes Way Back

Ancient Egyptians started spiking their wine with medicinal herbs earlier than previously thought 14 Apr

  • Ebola Recovery, Irish Budget Cuts, and Lead Poisoning

Here's a roundup of some of the science policy stories we covered this past week on Science's policy blog, ScienceInsider 14 Apr




Burak Yilmaz



Our lab is focused on population genetics to study,.............