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* Mary Blackburn (lipidomics)
* Mary Blackburn (lipidomics)
* Dean Flanders (lipidomics)
* Dean Flanders (lipidomics)
* Bernard Tham (mass spectrometry and proteomics)
Also, see [[Prince:Collaborators|Collaborators]]
Also, see [[Prince:Collaborators|Collaborators]]

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Ryan Taylor Ryan Taylor

Graduate Student in Biochemistry

  • likes doing Biochemistry almost as much as he likes sleeping.
Aman Makaju Aman Makaju Undergraduate in Biochemistry(BS)
  • likes doing Instrumental analysis.
Taylor Southwick Taylor Southwick Undergraduate in Bioinformatics
  • likes doing Bioinformatics.
Andrew Noyce Andrew Noyce Undergraduate in Bioinformatics
  • likes doing Bioinformatics.
James Dalgleish James Dalgleish Undergraduate in Bioinformatics
  • likes solving statistical problems, hiking, and reading really complicated statistical formulae.
Mackay Merrill Mackay Merrill Undergraduate in Neuroscience
  • lipidomics and proteomics
  • synthetic biology
Ben Miller Ben Miller Undergraduate in Mathematics
  • systems biology
  • mass spec data visualization
Kori Agee Undergraduate in Biochemistry
  • protein-protein interactions
Jamison Dance

Undergraduate in Bioinformatics

  • Web Development
  • Medicine and human health
Brendan Coutu Undergraduate in Biochemistry
  • lipidomics & proteomics of small samples
Christopher Conley Undergraduate in Bioinformatics
  • alignment and quantitation
KC Erb KC Erb Undergraduate in Physics
  • Phosphoproteomics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Medicine
John T. Prince John T. Prince

Principal Investigator

  • mass spectrometry based proteomics
  • systems biology and signal transduction
  • computation and programming

Former Members


  • Mary Blackburn (lipidomics)
  • Dean Flanders (lipidomics)

Also, see Collaborators