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'''Conjugation Slides Redone''' (SIL)  [[Media:ConjugationSlides2.ppt|MORE CONJUGATION 10.30.06]]
'''Conjugation Slides Redone''' (SIL)  [[Media:ConjugationSlides2.ppt|MORE CONJUGATION 10.30.06]]
'''Final Talk''' (SIL)  [[Media:UCBerk2007iGEM - Sunday.pptx|Final version of talk]]

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upload your presentation and point to it here. i think there's a small enough amount of media that we can just list them down the page ...

riboregulators rough riboregulator slides

Logic Gate ppt (WRB) logic gates presentation (.ppt) -or- logic gates presentation (.pdf)

Cellular networks (dlk) chris's drawings very rough network slides slide pannels slide pannels

Conjugation wiki wiki ppt (mf) beginnings of a presentation

Quantitative Conjugation Slides (SIL) Some Concise Conjugation Slides with Good Data

Conjugation Slides Redone (SIL) MORE CONJUGATION 10.30.06

Final Talk (SIL) Final version of talk