Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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This procedure is useful for the separation of small pieces of DNA, small quantities of DNA, or applications where higher resolution than can be achieved with agarose gel electrophoresis is needed. Because it is very difficult to remove DNA from polyacrylamide gel, it is advised that this protocol should only be used for diagnostic purposes and not for size separation of useful fragments.



  • 29:1 Acrylamide Solution
  • 10X TBE buffer
  • Ammonium Persulfate
  • DNA solution
  • SYBR green
  • Bromophenol Blue


  • Vertical electrophoresis chamber
  • Glass plates w/ spacers (which fit the chamber)
  • Casting holder
  • Pipettors


1. Place Glass plates in casting apparatus
2. Add together the following to make 5ml of gel (0.75mm spacers)

  • 500µl 10X TBE solution
  • 35µl Ammonium Persulfate (10%w/v)
  • X mL 29:1 acrylamide solution (See the table under "notes" to determine the desired acrylamide concentration)
  • Y mL water (To make 5 mL)
  • 2µl TEMED

3. Pipet mix between casting plates using 5ml pipetor
4. Insert comb and allow to cure for 30 minutes
5. Mix the following for all DNA samples including the ladder

  • 10μL DNA solution
  • 1μL SYBR green (100X Dilution in DMSO)
  • 1μL Bromophenol Blue

6. Remove comb, insert gel into electrophoresis chamber and add the necessary amounts of 1X TBE
7. Add DNA mix to wells.
8. Apply 80 volts and run for approximately 60 minutes


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