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(Moved to week 6, 2011)
(Moved to week 6, 2011)
==Faster than light neutrinos?==
* [https://plus.google.com/110146523961072500429/posts/CZJHdb69M5w links on Google plus]
* Arxiv discussion / open science http://arxiv.org/abs/1109.4897
==Beginning group activity==
==Beginning group activity==

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(Moved to week 6, 2011)

Faster than light neutrinos?

Beginning group activity

  • Form groups of two
  • Look at the coin flip data from two weeks ago
  • Come up with your best guess for the true mean and an uncertainty. Report your result as mean +/- uncertainty (we'll poll vocally)
    • Assume all the nickels are identical and there is a fixed true mean

2011 Coin Toss Results

Google spreadsheet

Google Docs Central Limit Theorem Example

Monte Carlo Google Doc CLT Example

Binomial Distribution

Wikipedia Bionomial Distribution

2009 Agenda for Lecture

  1. Discussion about labs; /Good lab notebooks;
  2. How to report uncertainty
    • Make sure to always include units and uncertainty.
  3. Probability density function
  4. Histogram
  5. Central Limit Theorem
  6. Normal Distribution
  7. Possibly: How to graph results w/ theory
  8. Possibly: sensitivity for uncertainty propagation

Agenda for Labs

  1. Today you definitely need to talk with Koch about what needs to be included in your lab summary.
  2. Must finish taking data this week. Summary should be completed outside of class.
  3. Must complete your hands-on "quiz" or interview with Koch. The in-class "quiz" is actually on-going...but you can request one at the end if you think I may have a bad impression of your understanding.