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Physics 307L, Fall 2010

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Winter Break Lab Fest       

This is the future homepage (wiki) for Physics 307L at the University of New Mexico. More content will be added at the end of the summer.

This site is hosted on OpenWetWare. Many of the links on the left (such as "Main Page") will take you to other OWW pages. Any page that begins with "Physics307L" is a page we have created specifically for this course.

See the previous course website for information about the course

The Fall 2007 Physics 307L course (led by Dr. Koch will be an evolution of the previous semesters led by Dr. Gold. You can find a wealth of information on his website for the course. The experiments offered are likely to be the same as those offered in previous years. (See Schedule for list of experiments.)

See the Physics and Astronomy website for information on how to register

P&A Fall 2007 Schedule