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*[http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/products/productF-530.asp Purchase]
*[http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/products/productF-530.asp Purchase]
*[http://www.finnzymes.fi/products/pcr/phusion_datasheet_f530sl_1_4_low.pdf Manual]
*[http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/ManualFiles/manualF-540.pdf Manual]

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Fusion of a Pyrococcus (Pfu) -like enzyme with a double-strand DNA binding domain → increased processivity.

Statistics about Phusion™ High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase

  • 10x processivity compared to Taq
  • 50x fidelity compared to Taq
  • Creates blunt end
  • Error rate is 4.4 X 10-7 in Phusion HF buffer and 9.5 X 10-7 in GC buffer
  • Non-displacing