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(Undergraduate Students)
(Undergraduate Students)
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Principal Investigator


Shelly Peyton, Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
686 N. Pleasant St.
159 Goessmann Lab
Amherst, MA 01003
Phone: (413) 545-1133

Current CV

Graduate Students

Wherrick.jpg Tnguyen.jpg
Will Herrick
ChemE PhD Program, Current CV
Thuy Nguyen
ChemE PhD Program, Current CV
Dryman.jpg L Barney.jpg
Dannielle Ryman
MCB PhD Program, Current CV
Lauren Barney
ChemE PhD Program, Current CV

Undergraduate Students

Ehartnet.jpg Marianne picture.jpg Aidan blank.jpg
Elyse Hartnet
ChemE Junior
Marianne Sleiman
ChemE Junior
Aidan Gilchrist
ChemE Senior
Aidan blank.jpg Aidan blank.jpg Maxnowak.jpg
Isaac Han
ChemE Senior
Justine Jesse
ChemE Sophomore
Max Nowak
ChemE Junior


Tyler Vlass, B.S. Currently looking for a permanent industry position
Erinn Dandley, B.S. North Carolina State University Biomedical Engineering PhD Program
Prateek Katti, B.S. University of Pennsylvania Department of Biology
Ravitheja (Ravi) Yelleswarapu Biomedical Engineering at Boston University
Jaclyn Somadelis, B.S. Chemical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts


The Peyton lab is not currently recruiting Post-docs.