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[mailto: speyton@ecs.umass.edu Shelly Peyton], Assistant Professor<br>
[mailto:speyton@ecs.umass.edu Shelly Peyton], Assistant Professor<br>
[http://che.umass.edu/ Department of Chemical Engineering]<br>
[http://che.umass.edu/ Department of Chemical Engineering]<br>
[http://umass.edu/ University of Massachusetts, Amherst]<br>
[http://umass.edu/ University of Massachusetts, Amherst]<br>

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Principal Investigator


Shelly Peyton, Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
686 N. Pleasant St.
Amherst, MA 01003
Phone: (413) 545-1133
Email: speyton@ecs.umass.edu

Current CV

Graduate Students


Will Herrick

PROJECT: Testing for Inflammatory Feedback Loops in
Models of Cardiovascular Disease with Novel materials

Funding: ICE IGERT Fellowship, UMass-Amherst
4th Year Graduate Student
Hometown: Lewiston, Maine
BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Johns Hopkins University, 2008

Email: wherrick@ecs.umass.edu

Current CV


Thuy Nguyen, MS

PROJECT: Using high throughput technologies to study
how cues from the matrix in the onset of liver inflammation may
protect hepatocellular carcinoma cells from chemotherapeutics

2nd Year Graduate Student
BS (2008) and MS (2010) in Chemical Engineering
Georgia Tech University

Hobbies: Listening to music, shopping, singing karaoke

Email: tnguyen@ecs.umass.edu

Current CV


Dannielle Ryman

PROJECT: Engineered Materials to quantify
mechanosensing at the primary tumor microenvironment

2nd Year Graduate Student in MCB Program
BS (2009) in Biotechnology
Delaware State University

Email: dryman@mcb.umass.edu

Current CV

L Barney.jpg

Lauren Barney

PROJECT: Tissue Tropism in Breast Cancer

1st Year Graduate Student in Chemical Engineering
BS (2011) in Chemical Engineering
University of Rhode Island

Email: laurenbarney@gmail.com

Current CV

Undergraduate Students


Erinn Dandley

PROJECT: Biophysical determinants of tissue-specific
breast cancer metastasis

HHMI Sponsored Fellowship
Fourth Year Chemical Engineering Student
Concentration in Biology
Hometown: Bolton, Massachusetts

Email: edandley@student.umass.edu

Current CV


Tyler Vlass

PROJECT: Stem cell migration on 2D biomaterials platforms

College of Engineering Sponsored REU
Fourth Year Chemical Engineering Student
Concentration in Biochemical Engineering
Hometown: Natick, MA

Email: tvlass@student.umass.edu

Current CV


Jaclyn Somadelis

PROJECT: Anomalous diffusion modeling methods to
predict 3D stem cell dissemination

Fourth Year Chemical Engineering Student
Minors: Psychology, Mathematics, Modern Greek
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

Email: jsomadel@gmail.com

Current CV


Jonathan Chiang

PROJECT: Quantifying Smooth Muscle Cell
Phenotype in Engineering Materials

2nd Year Chemical Engineering Student
Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Email: jichiang@student.umass.edu

P katti.jpg

Prateek Katti

PROJECT: Mechanisims of mechanosensing in
metastasis across multiple length scales

4th Year Chemical Engineering Student
Hometown: Acton, MA

Email: prateek.katti@gmail.com

D lavalley.jpg

Dannielle LaValley

PROJECT: Matrix-Conferred Chemo-Resistance
Across Multiple Carcinomas

3rd Year Chemical Engineering Student
Hometown: Ware, MA

Email: djlavall@student.umass.edu


Ravitheja (Ravi) Yelleswarapu Biomedical Engineering at Boston University


The Peyton lab is currently recruiting Post-docs. See Open Positions for more information!