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How To: Join the Peyton lab

Graduate Students should apply to the UMass ChE graduate program. If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact Dr. Peyton directly.

Post-Docs interested in joining the Peyton lab should contact Dr. Peyton about your research interests. Include your most recent CV, copies of recent publications, and reference contacts. Postdocs should be committed to obtaining extramural funding and are accepted based on interests and funding.

Undergraduates interested in Capstone thesis research projects (through the Honors college, or not) please follow these steps to apply for a research position in the Peyton lab:

1. Look through the Research section.

2. Send Dr. Peyton an email that includes: (A) Your current resume, (B) a 500 word description of your research interests and why you are interested in working in the Peyton lab, and (C) a brief statement including your availability to work in the lab from now until your projected graduation date, and how many hours you are willing and able to work in the lab per week.

  • NOTE 1: Undergraduates are continually accepted into the lab based on qualifications, project availability, interests, and space.
  • NOTE 2: During the school semester, undergraduates are required to commit at least 10 hours per week in the lab.
  • NOTE 3: Undergraduate can receive course credits during the school year to work in the lab (3.3 hours per week = 1 credit).
  • NOTE 4: During the summer, undergraduates can either work on a volunteer basis, or find extramural funding sources to be paid during the summer months. Extramural funding sources include, but are not necessarily limited to Baystate, HHMI, the ICE IGERT, College of Engineering REU, and the UMass MRSEC REU program.