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Welcome Dannielle!

Dannielle Ryman from Molecular and Cell Biology will be rotating in our lab for the Spring semester.

She will be working on a collaborative project with Al Crosby's lab in PSE, looking at cell motility on substrates with spatially controlled stiffness patterns.

Welcome Erinn and Jackie!

Erinn Dandley and Jaclyn Somadelis (both 3rd year ChE undergraduate students) have officially joined the Peyton lab.

Erinn will be working on building tissue models of breast cancer metastasis.

Jackie will be building migratory microenvironments and mathematical modeling techniques to predict 3D stem cell motility in synthetic scaffolds.

--Shelly Peyton 12:13, 23 January 2011 (EST)

Welcome Will and Thuy!

Will Herrick (a 3rd year ChE graduate student) and Thuy Nguyen (a 1st year ChE graduate student) have officially joined the Peyton lab.

Will will be working on building novel shRNA libraries to study the involvement of specific genes in regulating smooth muscle motility during cardiovascular disease.

Thuy will be using high throughput technologies to study how cues from the matrix in the onset of liver inflammation may protect hepatocellular carcinoma cells from chemotherapeutics.

--Shelly Peyton 14:10, 5 November 2010 (EDT)

Peyton Lab Opening in January 2011

The Peyton lab is currently recruiting graduate students, undergraduates, and post-docs to jump start research in January! See Open Positions for information!