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  • P Wang, Z Liao, L Guo, W Li, M Chen, Y Pi, Y Gong, X Sun, K Tang (2004) Cloning and functional analysis of a cDNA encoding Ginkgo biloba farnesyl diphosphate synthase. Molecular Cells 18 (2), 150-156.
  • P Wang, Z Liang, J Zeng, W Li, X Sun, Z Miao, K Tang (2008) Generation of tobacco lines with widely different reduction in nicotine levels via RNA silencing approaches. Journal of biosciences 33 (2), 177-184.
  • P Wang, J Zeng, Z Liang, Z Miao, X Sun, K Tang (2009) Silencing of PMT expression caused a surge of anatabine accumulation in tobacco. Molecular biology reports 36 (8), 2285-2289.