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[[Image:crossing_Ahr2.jpg | center | Shortcuts are fun]]
[[Image:crossing_Ahr2.jpg | center | Shortcuts are fun]]
'''Mariana (on her first PhD day!), Phoebe and Laura.'''
'''Mariana (and the first day of her PhD!), Phoebe and Laura.'''
[[Image:MPL.jpg | center | MPL]]
[[Image:MPL.jpg | center | MPL]]

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Altenahr lab trip

Our first lab trip (2013-09-30) was to the surrounding of picturesque village of Altenahr in the Ahr river valley. It was lots of fun and the weather could not have been better. Looking forward to the next one...;)

The view on Altenahr and the castle ruin Are from the way heading towards Teufelsloch (Devils hole).

Village of Altenahr with the castle Are

Shortcuts are fun! Thomas, Ahmed and Navratan crossing the Ahr river.

Shortcuts are fun

Mariana (and the first day of her PhD!), Phoebe and Laura.