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The Payne Lab is always looking for students and postdocs interested in research!
'''Undergraduate Students:''' We are currently looking for undergraduates who would like to learn more about biophysical chemistry. Interested undergrads should email Dr. Payne an unofficial copy of their transcript and explain why they are interested in doing research in the Payne Lab.
'''Graduate Students:''' Graduate students who have been admitted into the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry or the Bioengineering program should email Dr. Payne to discuss research opportunities. To apply to the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry please visit: http://www.chemistry.gatech.edu/graduate/. The Payne Lab will be taking new students in Fall 2013.
'''Postdocs:''' Graduate students interested in doing a postdoc in the Payne Lab should email Dr. Payne a CV, summary of research experience, and brief description of projects of interest. Researchers with experience in optics, cell biology, or molecular biology are especially encouraged to apply. Applications from physical chemists interested in biophysical chemistry are always welcome. In addition, two specific postdoc positions are available:
1. A DARPA funded project using biomolecules and cells to generate conducting polymers. We seek highly-motivated individuals interested in both polymer synthesis and cellular biology. Requirements include a Ph.D. in Chemistry (or related field) and experience with polymer characterization.
2. An NIH-funded postdoctoral position in the field of nanoparticle-cell interactions. A Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Biophysics, or Cell Biology is required.

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