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Group Meeting Schedule

Look who's talking... (future dates are approximate, except those in bold)

Date Speaker(s) Cook
June 27 Shay Dirk
July 25 Per Billy
August 1 Jeanne Tom
August 8 Billy (finale) Rishi
August 31 Dirk Buy your own
September 5 Raul (finale) Yoon
September 12 NO MEETING
September 19 Tom Ghee Chuan
September 26 Ghee Chuan Johan
October 3 Rishi Nate
October 10 JOURNALS
October 17 Yoon Andy
October 24 Nate Meriem
October 31 Rishi Burak
November 7 Andy Shay
November 14 Yifan Per
November 21 NO MEETING Thanksgiving
November 28 Burak Dirk
December 5 Meriem (finale) Tom
December 11, 11am Tuesday Matthieu
December 12 Paulsson/Murray retreat
December 19 Dirk (finale) Ghee Chuan
Winter break NO MEETING(s)
January 9 NO MEETING
January 16 little mtg. Yoon
January 23 NO MEETING
January 30 Shay Rishi
February 6 NO MEETING admissions committee mtg.
February 13 JOURNALS
February 20 Per Johan
February 27 Tom Nate
March 6 Ghee Chuan Andy

  • standard sequence: Johan, Nate, Andy, Yifan, Meriem, Burak, Shay, Jeanne, Per, Dirk, Tom, Ghee Chuan, Yoon, Rishi


Vacation Calendar

Other meetings/seminars

Theory Lunch
HMS Microbiology Seminars
idb nanocourses