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Welcome to the Paulsson Lab

Lab Members

Johan Paulsson, Beacon of intellectual light
Andreas Hilfinger, Postdoc
Dann Huh, Graduate Student Chemistry
Dirk Landgraf, Graduate Student Systems Biology
Billy Lau, Thrifty Metrosexual
Nate Lord, Graduate Student Systems Biology
Per Malkus, Lab Manager
Burak Okumus, Postdoc
Juan Pedraza, Postdoc
Shay Tal, Postdoc
Anna Andersson, Graduate Student Niels Bohr Institute
Tom Norman,Graduate Student Systems Biology

Non-permanent Lab Members

Past Members

Jason Otterstrom
Alex Fields
Giorgio Gaglia
David Fange

In the lab

Group Meeting
Private Wiki

Contact Us

Systems Biology Dept.
Harvard Medical School
200 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

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