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Pamela K. Kreeger (BE postdoctoral)

Ph.D. Northwestern University, Chemical Engineering, 2005

B.S. Valparaiso University, Chemistry, 2000

I am examining how two isoforms of Ras (K-Ras and N-Ras) impact apoptosis in the colon. Previous studies suggest that activated K-Ras sensitizes cells to apoptosis, while N-Ras provides an anti-apoptotic signal. This work builds upon previous apoptosis models developed in the Lauffenburger lab and attempts to address two important issues.

First, can cue-signal-response models be developed where the ‘cue’ is an intrinsic part of the cell, such as a genetic mutation? To build such a model, we are utilizing a panel of human colon carcinoma cell lines that have distinct genetic manipulations to both K-Ras and N-Ras. These cell lines show different levels of apoptosis following treatment with TNFalpha, and have differences in both basal and stimulated signaling of key intracellular molecules such as ERK and JNK. Secondly, can cue-signal-response models be developed for more complicated paradigms, especially in vivo models? This project will be done in collaboration with the Jacks lab at MIT, utilizing their genetic mouse models of human cancer. To correlate to our in vitro studies, we will generate a dataset of intracellular signaling and apoptosis in the intestinal epithelium of mice with defined K-Ras and N-Ras genotypes.

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