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Polyvynyl alcool (PVA, PVOH)


  • A general purpose cross linking reagent for benzaldehyde-ketone type chiral nucleophilic reactions for which PVA may be used to reflux aminoacetaldehyde (Ethanamine) reagents as catalyst for effective

oil-in-water nanoemulsion of gold-mediated nanoparticles

  • In asymmetric tetrahydroisoquinoline formation: a secondary type chiral (C2) amine cross-linker of Hydroxyl radicals (C=O+2ROH) to Nitrogen (NH3), from which chloroform adduct may readily

transform Ethanamine into racemic tertiary compounds (phenoxyalkylamines) by directed heat treatment.

Myths and Facts about Pva

  • Chuck: Acetonitrile may be converted to PVA, thus is a PVA is a functional 2-cyanoethyl reagent for lipid/amine conversions...
    • Oracle: sure... Acetonitrile is a convenient cyanide aniomeric catalyst... There no doubt its N terminal can provide the required energy for efficient proton pumping...

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