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| September 13
| September 13
| Michael Wilson, UNM Neuroscience
| Michael Wilson, UNM Neuroscience
| ''TBD''
| ''Membrane fusion for Neurotransmission''
| [[PHYC500/2007F:Supporting material/MWilson|Supporting material]]
| [[PHYC500/2007F:Supporting material/MWilson|Supporting material]]

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Fall 2007 Physics 500

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Here is the schedule of talks. Meeting time is Thursdays, 4 pm, place is room 1131 of Physics and Astronomy.

Date Presenter Topic Links
August 23 Bridget Wilson, UNM Dept. Pathology Mapping and modeling receptor topography during signal transduction Supporting material
August 30 Diane Lidke, UNM Dept. Pathology Studying ERK1 nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling using fluorescence microscopy Supporting material
September 6 Keir Neuman, NIH NHLBI Tentative: Single-molecule experiments on DNA topoisomerases and DNA topology Supporting material
September 13 Michael Wilson, UNM Neuroscience Membrane fusion for Neurotransmission Supporting material
September 20 Student Talks
September 27
October 4
October 11 Fall Break
October 18
October 25 Student Talks
November 1 Bernd Rieger, TU Delft tentative: DipImage image processing library and Modeling of EM Optics Supporting material
November 8 Conrad James, SNL Micro- and Nanofabrication Applications for Experimental Cell Biology Supporting material
November 15 Heather Cananvan, UNM ChNE Use of “Smart” Materials and Cell Sheet Engineering to Characterize Buried Biological Interfaces Abstract
November 22 Thanksgiving
November 29
December 6 Student Talks