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Spring 2007 Physics 500 and Physics 400

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Here is the schedule of talks. I need more help filling it in and formatting it. For now, the more authoritative version is on the course website.

Date Presenter Topic Links
January 18 Steve Koch Course Intro and "Studying protein-DNA interactions by unzipping single DNA molecules: What new information can we obtain?" Interact Supporting material
January 25 Jeremy Edwards, UNM Ultra high-throughput genome sequencing Interact website
February 1 Mike Pikaart, UNM / Hope College Stuctural determinants of sequence-specific protein-DNA interactions Interact Supporting material
February 8 Steve Jett, UNM HSC Biological Electron Microscopy: from Tissue Morphology to Molecular Enzymology Interact
February 15 Keith Lidke, UNM Physics & Astronomy Fluorescence Microscopy: Imaging sub-cellular structure and dynamics Interact
February 22
March 1
March 8
March 15 No Meeting Spring Break, No class
March 22
March 29 Professor Gary A. Rosenberg (neurology) Protease-Mediated Blood-Brain Barrier Injury in Stroke and Vascular Dementia Interact
April 5 Dr. Adrian Parsegian, Laboratory of Physical and Structural Biology of NICHD, NIH Tentative: On Lipids
April 12 Professor Rebecca Hartley, UNM HSC Cell Biology and Physiology Tentative: RNA Interference
April 19 Elizabeth Dirk Tentative: biologically active tissue scaffolds
April 26 Professor David Bear, UNM HSC Cell Biology and Physiology Tentative: Overview of RNA Biosynthesis
May 3
May 10 Grad students / eager u-grads Short talks about research or biophys. topic