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Consumer of electricity

  1. Asked questions about electricity info
  2. Asked whether the questions were about myself, or the survey will be for them to see how they can make things better

Initial thought was to answer addition questions because I was getting paid

  • Answer differently if she had the survey @ home
  • Would have to look @ schedule ahead of time
  • Better if she knew how many extra questions there were

Recruitment Document

Had a good understanding of the text

  • Was skeptical about the questionnaire, not sure why, but would guess to see if she is a representative customer
  • Raises questions, would help to see the questionnaire, how personal are the questions? Would it ask for more personal questions or questions about electricity use?
  • Don't see a document that guarantees confidentiality, wants something to sign
  • Would not participate for concerns of privacy and confidentiality

Questions About You

Hours @ home

  • On average?
  • Day time waking hours? Or include sleeping?

Questions About Energy Efficiency

Average Household...

  1. Anecdotal
  2. Don't have frame of reference
  3. How representative is my household compared to others? If I stopped to think, it would be hard to gauge and answers would just be an impression--not entirely accurate


  1. Geopolitical--some schemes have some serious environmental hazards
  2. Deeply felt concern, but not an activist
  3. Not crazy about personal control
  4. About protecting the environment


  1. Need for cooperation and altruism, ingenuity, and creativity
    1. Because there might be colonization of other planets
    2. Analogy a bit extreme
  2. Does not like the idea of dominating nature. We don't know enough right now to actualy dominate without causing adverse reactions
  3. Sustainability entails limits, not safe to think that growth as having no limits
  4. What she knows about balance from the past, its better to assume that the balance is easily upset

More Questions About Energy Efficiency

Tech adoption + eco purchases ...

  1. Have made purchases, but is mainly constrained by budget (changing products and appliances)
  2. Have never actually bought appliances before
  3. Technology laudite
  4. Nothing comes to mind when thinking about clear and present hazard. Needs to be able to guarantee that the product causes that harm. A lot of grey area

Electricity Use Questions (Part I)

Trust ...

  1. Duquenese seems to be honest and willing to clarify questions. Certain degree of mistrust of corporations & government entities
  2. Scientific material can be replicated . The way the community is set up improves trust. Maybe not all individuals are trustworthy, but they are as a whole.
  3. Community -- not really integreated
  4. Government politics might get in the way
  5. Not close to co-workers

Social Questions

Is it okay to count housemates or just me?

  • Not sure why some of these questions were here in this section, such as flu shots and public library

Technology Questions

SM + IHD ...

  • Wants daily electricity use (totals)
  • Wants to break down to appliances
  • Have it for a year at minimum
  • Enjoy would not be the word she would use
  • Needs an objective gauge of the IHD rather than her own subjective gauge on whether the IHD reduces her energy use

Questions About You

Describe you ...

  • Procrastinator
  • Depends on the task (technology vs cross word puzzles)