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(Members and Research Interests)
(Members and Research Interests)
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|Aaron Jacobs
|R.S. Lloyd and A.K. McCullough
|DNA repair and replication

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Objectives of the OHSU Cancer Biology Postdocs Group

• Get post-docs to meet each other • Make it easier to share expertise and reagents • Help post-docs get feedback from their scientific peers • Provide resources for career development

The association comprises postdoctoral researcher at OHSU who are interested in cancer biology. Our goal is to enhance the post-doctoral experience by building a supportive community of scientific peers, offering a lab-independent forum for critical and constructive scientific feedback, and providing resources for post-doc career development. In addition, we will serve as an organized base of advocacy for post-doctoral issues at OHSU.

General Information

Want to join us? All are invited! Our scientific focus is cancer biology

  • To get on the listserve:
Begin a new e-mail and address it to: majordomo@ohsu.edu (must be sent as a plain text email)
Type 'subscribe postdoc' on the first line of your e-mail, on the next line, type 'end'. Send.

Note: Please make sure you don't type 'postdocs' -- the plural is a different mailing list

  • To send an email to everyone on the list
Send an e-mail to 'postdoc@ohsu.edu'
  • To unsubscribe from this awesome mailing list
??? Why would you want to do that ???
  • When and where we meet

We're planning to have monthly meetings on Friday afternoons.

  • Organizer contact information:
Amanda Esch - esch@ohsu.edu
Alain Silk - silk@ohsu.edu

Members and Research Interests

  • Please add your name, lab, research interests, and contact info below
Member Name Lab Research Interests Email
Alain Silk M.Wong tumor-macrophage interactions, metastasis silk@ohsu.edu
Jared Fischer R Michael Liskay intestinal cancer, stem cell dynamics fischerj@ohsu.edu
Aaron Jacobs R.S. Lloyd and A.K. McCullough DNA repair and replication jacobsa@ohsu.edu

Schedule and Events

  • Please add upcoming events of potential interest to our group!
Topic Date Presenter Links and Comments
How to Write a Career Development Award 11/29/11 OHSU Human Investigations Program HIP Buffet
Tips and tricks with Excel: working with data 12/14/11 OHSU Human Investigations Program HIP Buffet

Jobs and Money

  • Careers:
On the American Association for Cell Biology Career Publications page check out the WICB career books "Career Advice for Life Scientists I, II, and III".
Free career development classes available through the OHSU Career and Workplace Enhancement Center. Check the schedule on their website.
A list of career development resources on the OHSU Postdocs page. Especially check out the Human Investigations Program and their free lunchtime HIP buffet classes including "How to Write a Career Development Award"
  • Funding:
Follow OHSU Postdocs on Facebook for funding opportunities and general OHSU post-doc news
A link to funding information and opportunities, also through the OHSU Postdocs page
SciVal - a comprehensive funding database