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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.  ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

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CELL 616 Syllabus

Week Day Date Topic Lecturer Documents
1 M April 2 Mutagenic Mechanisms Mitch Turker
W April 4 Chemical Carcinogenesis/DNA Repair Stephen Lloyd
Th April 5 Cancer Stem Cells Missy Wong
2 M April 9 Tumor Microenvironment Lisa Coussens
W April 11 Metastasis & Angiogenesis Rosalie Sears
TH April 12 Imagining in Cancer Charles Springer
3 M April 16 Mutational Analysis of Solid Tumors - Sequenome Chris Coreless
W April 18 Predictive Gene Signatures Paul Spellman
Th April 19 Solid Cancer Path Megan Troxel
4 M April 23 Targeted Cancer Therapies Charles Lopez
W April 25 Immunotherapy Bernie Fox
Th April 26 Novel Mech. of Drug Delivery Wassana Yantasee
5 M April 30 Lung Alan Sadler
W May 2 Radiation Oncology Charles Thomas
Th May 3 Kidney George Thomas
6 M May 7 Head and Neck Neil Gross NOTE TIME AND ROOM: 10am RJH 5524
W May 9 Breast Steve Chui NOTE TIME AND ROOM: 10am RJH 5524
Th May 10 RESEARCH WEEK No class
7 M May 14 Ovarian Tanja Pejovic
W May 16 Prostate Joshi Alumkal
Th May 17 Skin Justin Leitenberger
8 M May 21 GI Charles Lopez
W May 23 Pancreas Gina Vacarro
Th May 24 Clinical Hem. Malignancy W. Harv. Fleming
9 M May 28 MEMORIAL DAY No Class
W May 30 Basic Science Hem Malignancy Jeff Tyner
Th May 31 Nutrition and Cancer Jackie Shannon
10 M June 4 Liver Scott Naugler
W June 6 Brain Cancer - Adult Edward Neuwelt
Th June 7 Tumor Board I Sears/Wong
11 M June 11 Brain Cancer - pediatric Kellie Nazemi
W June 13 Tumor Board II Sears/Wong
Th June 14 Pediatric Cancers Charles Keller