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New suggestions for highlights.. please feel free to add them

  1. ) protocol highlight -from nature article
  2. ) latest publication
  3. ) active discussion highlights see comm portal
  4. ) lab highlight
  5. ) community portal highlight
  6. ) Seminar series
  7. ) In the news section
  8. )Image highlights
  9. )video highlights

protocols highlight

This never got off the ground, can people suggest a protocol to start with perhaps? what's a good example? Protocol highlights

Ideas: lab highlights

Lab highlights
So this is working, sort of, I'm always late in publishing them! please suggest new labs to be highlighted.

Ideas: lab highlights

Highlights Image of the week/month/stash of images that rotate as a link from the front page.

image highlights

Video Highlights

video highlights e.g video of the month is linked from the main page.

Jennyn 13:27, 15 June 2006 (EDT): I'm just posting my idea that I gave at the SC meeting so I don't forget it. We should arrange 3 columns X 2 rows for highlights.

  • Column 1 - Community/OWW Highlights
  • Column 2 - Protocol Highlights
  • Column 3 - Lab Highlights (we should highlight labs that have recently been published, have interesting research, etc, etc).

This way, we are able to see the previous highlight directly below the new highlight. For archiving, we will reproduce the "div" and have all of the highlights scroll downwards in order. This will help users and ourselves know what has been highlighted, etc. I had a go at what I think you mean, not sure about the div part. --Johncumbers 21:55, 10 July 2006 (EDT)

To do

  • Sort out the templates/inserts, e.g on main page highlights page so the are all like the lab highlights is.