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I thought it might be useful to have an entire page that just dealt with discussions, rather than trying to fit it into a smaller area. We could lay out the portal with tabs similar to the getting started pages as a way to let users navigate easily. I thought

  1. Welcome tab
    • highlighting the ways to help out (kinda like pg3 of the getting started),
  2. Common Areas tag
    • point to protocols, eqiup, help pages, categorizing, etc.
    • e.g. how to make a "common protocol" from disparate lab protocols, etc.
  3. Discussion
    • The main discussion areas reshma outlined at the bottom of this page. Plus the 5 most recently edited OpenWetWare: pages, just to get people pumped ;)
  • Jasonk 23:40, 8 March 2006 (EST):Please give feedback on the idea of 3 tabs on the community portal, etc.
  • BC 01:13, 9 March 2006 (EST): This looks nice, although I would prefer to be able to see everything at once. For example, when I go to the community portal I would like to see the what needs doing and the discussion topics at the same time and then pick what interests me. I think the tabs make the most sense for something you want to linearly progress through, such as the getting started page. Essentially, I'd like to be able to click on community portal and see a link to everything that is going on rather than having to click to different pages.

Another option for laying out the discussions would be to copy the Village Pump over at wikipedia. This is how they manage a lot of their temporary discussions but I think its a nice visual layout that we could use for our discussions. Reshma's discussion categories could replace the 6 sections on the top of the table. Not sure that the Village Pump way is better, just another option that we can consider.