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Improving the community portal

  • Shorten significantly.
    • Partially done. Most of the text that I cut was discussion on the portal rather than actual content. I moved all of that to this discussion page or just deleted it entirely.
  • Move the various discussions regarding OWW to here.
    • Work in progress.
  • Remove all the help items that are currently at the bottom of the page.
    • Done
  • Give greater prominence to the discussions and improve page navigability (is this a word?:)).
    • Making it shorter may be sufficient to accomplish this.
  • Make initial paragraph describing the community portal clearer.
  • Apply the OWW color scheme when its finalized.

Please feel free to improve the style and content of the community portal in major and minor ways.

Making it easier for people to contribute

In the future, there are some other things we could do to help people contribute to OWW -

  • Rename this page or give it a more prominent location.
  • Create a mailing list for people interested in opportunities to contribute to OWW. This would be a contributors/developers mailing list. All the same information would be available on this page but its always useful to receive reminders of what needs to be done.
  • It may also be useful to create a developers sub-committee of the OpenWetWare steering committee that could meet (in person if the need arises) to make decisions about new features or the organization of OWW.
  • What other ways can we enable people to contribute to OWW?

Old community portal discussion

  • This page is basically a simplified version of the wikipedia community portal. We can add more of their features here as appropriate. Please feel free to edit in major and minor ways.--BC 15:43, 9 February 2006 (EST)
  • I'm trying to use this page to aggregate all the discussions and pages that have been generated regarding the issue of community development and back-end users.
  • There is currently still help info. at the bottom of the page. All this information may best be relocated to a master help page.