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Community Portal Discussion

  • This page is basically a simplified version of the wikipedia community portal. We can add more of their features here as appropriate. Please feel free to edit in major and minor ways.--BC 15:43, 9 February 2006 (EST)
  • I'm trying to use this page to aggregate all the discussions and pages that have been generated regarding the issue of community development and back-end users.
  • There is currently still help info. at the bottom of the page. All this information may best be relocated to a master help page.

Suggested improvements

  • Shorten significantly.
  • Move the various discussions regarding OWW to here.
  • Remove all the help items that are currently at the bottom of the page.
  • Give greater prominence to the discussions and improve page navigability (is this a word?:)).
  • Make initial paragraph describing the community portal clearer.

Community development meeting 2/21/06


To discuss ways to encourage people to contribute to the OWW community at any level.


Action List

  1. Lab page template - JC
  2. Protocol template - BC
  3. Tutorial template - JG
  4. Testimonials - JC with help from members of admin list
  5. Categories/Tags - Reshma Shetty, Jason Kelly
  6. Filter search results by namespace - Sriram Kosuri